The real meaning of Thanksgiving

The real purpose of this American holiday may appear to be overeating and football.  It’s not though.  It’s simply a day to take stock of your life and be thankful for the gifts you have, not least, your own life and your families lives.

I doubt the way our holiday got started was truly the feel good  story we were taught as children.

White people have brought death, destruction and enslavement to the other peoples of the world, without exception.  We white folks are the colossus astride this world.  At least for now. It’s changing as we speak.  we as a nation need to be aware of this shift in world powers.  One say we won’t be able to dictate our terms to the rest of the world.

When that day comes, Thanksgiving week take on a bigger meaning in Americans lives.  Living at the sufferance (is that a word? My phone says no) of others is not part of the American psyche.  When you have less, you appreciate more.  We all know this. 

Israel and hamas are going at it again.  Saddens me.  Neither side truly wants peace.  They want the other wiped from the earth.  You would think that folks living in such horrible conditions, as those in Gaza, would be suing for peace, not war. 

The Arab world wants Israel gone.  They want the USA gone too. 

We need to be mindful that those people we are atop of, will remember the treatment at our hands.  Lets try and give those people something to be thankful for.  Warplanes and bombs will not do it.
Human charity and love is all that will work.

I know my words will never reach Israel, let alone Hamas.  Hamas would discount them anyway.

I hope by the new year we will be talking about a real peace.  A mutual understanding and respect between israel and hamas. 

I can hope, can’t I?

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